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When preparing for a hurricane it is important to take some precautionary steps beforehand to help prevent damage to equipment, and ensure that your business can be up and running again as soon as power, and other services are restored.

Here is a basic checklist of things to do to prepare your network for a storm:


Ensure that you have a backup of your most important data. Think about what information you would need to operate if your server/computers/network were completely destroyed. You will want to take this backup OFF SITE, and treat it as if it were the only copy. If possible make 2 copies to take off site.


Turning off equipment and having them plugged into surge protectors is not enough. To protect against direct lightening strikes and strange line activity that can occur during extended power outages, it is important to UNPLUG power cables, and network/phone lines. If possible locate and unplug internet equipment, such as cable and DSL modems and routers. Electrical surges can come in on those lines as well.


If power is not restored in a timely manner, and you are forced to run off of a generator, please take some precautions. You will want let the generator run for some time to let it even out the power that it generates. Even after that, you do not want to run sophisticated equipment, such as computers, directly off of that generated power, as it tend to have voltage spike and dips that can damage it. Use a UPS, or battery backup unit, as this will regulate the power (you actually run off of the battery, and the battery is charged by the “dirty” power”. A surge protector is not enough.


This is such an important step I have included it twice. Equipment can be replaced, data cannot.

If you or your business need any help with preparations, or getting back up and running, please give us a call.

 Click here to download our print ready hurricane preparations checklist.