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Fully protect your important business data from hardware failure, natural disasters, accidental deletion, viruses, and malicious attackers. RAM’s Managed Remote Backup service provides the highest level of file protection by keeping daily copies of your files. All files are fully encrypted, recoverable instantly, and automatically backed up every day.
Not just Remote Backup, but MANAGED Remote Backup. This means that we do all the work, and keep up with your backups on a daily basis. You are not just getting a backup service, but also these key features:

  • RAM will perform a yearly, full image backup of your system, so you can restore your entire system, not just your individual files.
  • RAM will install the software, and updates, for you.
  • RAM will consult with you to ensure your critical data is backed up.
  • RAM will monitor your that your backups are preformed daily.
  • RAM will perform quarterly test restores.
  • RAM will perform all work to restore your data in the event of disaster.
  • Automatic
  • Offsite
  • Encrypted
  • Daily HUMAN backup checks
  • Test Restore: Quarterly
  • Full Disk Image: Yearly


The Backup software is set to backup when you are not using it (usually late at night). We get a full backup once per week, and then daily backups grab only the files that changed.

Full Disk Image: Once per year we come to your site and take a “snapshot” of your computer so we can restore it exactly how it was. Windows, Programs (Quickbooks, Office, Etc.), Settings, Email, everything as it was is restored in the case of a restore. This can save you considerable time and expense if you only backed up your data.