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985-345-1548 Open 8AM - 5PM

We provide IT support by being your Virtual IT Department

Virtual IT Department Service:

Enterprise level IT service, designed and priced for small businesses.

Virtual CIO
    • Reviews the efficiency of your current systems, security, and disaster recovery plans.
    • Develop disaster recovery plans and budgets for future purchases.
  • Design systems and networks to maximize efficiency.
Unlimited Remote Support

Call, email or text and we will remote to your computer to help you with any problems you may be having. We can usually address most issues immediately and either solve it then or collect the information we need to keep working on it for you.


We provide a license for Anti-Virus software for every computer on your network. no need to purchase separately.

Remote File Backup

We will use the latest and greatest technology to ensure we have a copy of all your files, and a copy of the 10 previous versions of them. Offsite, encrypted, and available from any internet connection.

Local Image Backups

In case of a total server crash, or hard drive failure, we would be able to restore your server in under 1 hour. Either to your repaired system or to our loaner server.

Monitor and Alert

We use special software installed on each computer to make sure all the pieces are working like they should. We are alerted if there is a problem and we will solve it, hopefully before the DJ revolves it.

Vendor Management

We work with vendors on your behalf. Dealing with software, copier, internet, and voice vendors can be frustrating and time consuming so let us do it for you.


Email is a vital utility that can be cumbersome and difficult to manage. We are skilled in setting up and managing Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and various other platforms.

Remote Access

We can provide end users with connection to their computer